Each CrankBox is packed with products meticulously chosen by our dedicated team! Inside, you'll find an assortment of top-notch performance snacks and nutrition brands. Your CrankBox will contain 8 gels, 4 chews or waffles, and 8 single-serve hydration mix packets. Additionally, you'll receive a 21oz CrankBox bottle and a special limited gear item.

As an illustration, if you opt for a subscription, your inaugural box will come with chain lube, tire sealant, and a set of Handske gloves. In your subsequent box, you'll receive ESI Grips, either grips or wrap depending on your specific cycling discipline.

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The box includes the things you will want with you on every ride. A variety of gels, chews, and hydration mix as well as hand selected cycling gear to keep your and your bike happy.

Shipments are every other month and continue automatically unless you discontinue the subscription. 

If changes are needed to your subscription, you can update your preferences in our subscription portal!

Standard shipping is free! (non-U.S. shipping is not available at this time)

*Discount is limited to 1 use per customer

*Discount is limited to 1st  payment if subscription is selected

HANDSKE GLOVE SIZING CHART: https://www.handskegloves.com/pages/cycling-glove-sizing


Example of gear that is included in your boxes:

1st Box: Handske Gloves!

2nd Box: ESI Grips (MTB) or ESI DCT Wrap (Gravel/Road)!

3rd Box: Co2 Inflator Kit, Glasses/Lens Cleaner!

4th Box: Bike Cleaner!

5th Box: Dynaplug Tire Plug Kit! 

6th Box: Lezyne Bike Tool!