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You have questions - we have answers.

Who is the team behind CrankBox?

CrankBox was founded in Austin, Texas by dedicated cyclists and lovers of all things cycling products. We are family-owned and operated and believe strongly in providing top-notch products for cyclists of all levels. On the weekends, you can find us at races, camping with friends and family, and gearing up to go ride.

What is CrankBox?
Subscription and one-time purchase boxes specific to your cycling discipline filled with performance snacks, nutrition, and functional gear that you need on every ride. Our team will create a custom box specifically for you. Shipping is free! (non-U.S. shipments are not available at this time)

What kind of gear will I receive in my CrankBox?

Not only will you receive a variety of gels, chews, and hydration mix, but you also receive a 21oz bottle, and a limited gear item in every box hand-selected by our team. Your first box will always include chain lube (2oz) and tire sealant (2oz).

What kind of gear will I receive in my FuelBox?

You receive 8x gels, 4x chews or 2x waffles, 8x single-serve packets of Hydration mix, and a CrankBox 21oz bottle in every box.

When do you ship my CrankBox?
After placing your order, our team begins working on your custom box and will have it out the door and on the way to you within 5 business days. Every other month recurring subscription CrankBoxes will ship to you every two months within 5 business days of the original subscription start date. Monthly recurring subscription CrankBoxes will ship monthly within 5 business days of the original subscription start date.

How do CrankBox subscriptions work?

You sign up, we send you a box right away, and future shipments continue every other month unless you cancel.

How do FuelBox subscriptions work?

You sign up, we send you a box right away, and future shipments continue monthly unless you cancel.

Can I manage my subscription?

Yes! After you place your first subscription order, you can view upcoming shipments, cancel, skip, and pause in your subscription portal on our site.

Can you give me an example of when my CrankBox ships if I placed a subscription order?

Yeah! Let's say you placed an order for the CrankBox subscription on May 3rd. We work on your box right away and ship it within 5 business days. Your second box will arrive around July 3rd. Your third box will arrive on or around September 3rd. Your 4th box on or around November 3rd, etc.

Do I receive the actual items pictured in the product page?

The product assortment shown in the photo is an example but your CrankBox will look a lot like it!

When am I billed?

We don't bill you until your CrankBox ships. If you have a subscription, billing occurs within 5 business days of your subscription date (boxes ship out every other month for CrankBox and every month for FuelBox).

How much do I pay for shipping?

Shipping is free! (non-U.S. shipping is unavailable at this time).

Is there a cancellation charge?
There is no cancellation charge or penalty for subscriptions. Cancellations need to be received at least 7 days before the order is shipped.

How do discount codes work?

Applies to subscriptions and one-time purchases. Limited to 1 recurring payment. No minimum purchase requirement.

What if I have a problem or questions?
Contact us at and include your order information and details. We will make it right!